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The project Zoo originated in 1993 from the need to receive and properly shelter, numerous animals of the Amazon fauna that reached our Institution up North , Faculdade Integrada do Tapajos (FIT), that were rescued by local institutions. Installed in an area of 147 hectares, the 8th BEC has identified in its place more than 100 species of plants and about 54 animal species, preserved in enclosures specified by law. Today Zoofit develops the largest research project in the region,the MANATEE Project that consists of the rescue and care of animals of the species that were captured by hunters and community of coastal regions.

FIT / UNAMA has on its premises the Zoological Research Laboratory (LPZ) - one of the largest and best studies of laboratory animals in the region. This laboratory is used for teaching purposes through practical lessons developed for the courses of Biological Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Biomedicine and Pharmacy. In it are taught the disciplines of Biostatistics, Ecology, Animal Parasitology, Veterinary Toxicology and Environmental Toxicology, Zoology of Invertebrates, Zoology of Vertebrates.

In addition to classes for undergraduate students, the laboratory is also used to conduct short courses, lectures and training in partnership with other institutions including, elementary schools and middle Santarém Municipal Hospital of Santarém (HMS), Health Department the municipality of Santarém (Semsa), Secretariat of Pará State Health (SESPA), Fire Brigade, Army, Butantan Institute (IB), Vital Brazil Institute (VBI) and other national and international reputation as West Virginia University and Ohio State University.

Some scientific projects are developed at its facilities, such as studies on ecology and toxicology of the venom of the pit viper (or comboia) and natural history of the Amazon scorpion black. These projects are carried out in partnership between FIT / UNAMA, UFOPA, BUTANTAN Institute and others and had support from CNPq, CAPES, FAPESPA, FAPESP only to relate the main funding agencies for research that have invested resources to purchase decampo equipment (generator , chain saws, flashlights, etc.), laboratory (balances, autoclave, ice machine, etc.), and animal facilities (shelves, boxes, surgical equipment, etc.), which allowed the creation of a vivarium mice, rats, spiders, scorpions and snakes, all legalized by the National Animal Control deExperimentação (Ciuca), linked to the Ministry of Science and Technology. FIT / UNAMA is one of the few institutions legalized in the region, allowing the use of animals in practical classes and scientific experimentation.

Portuguese and Environment


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