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An institution that took the idea of a better world from theory and put it into practice


To transform a society it is necessary to invest in the education of citizens who are aware of and concerned about a fairer world. That is the reason why Maurício de Nassau College implements and coordinates various projects in the social, sports, cultural and socio-environmental areas. Here we work to accomplish changes and offer the best conditions for students and society in general, in addition to disseminating culture and information to educate ethical, upright and competent human beings.

One of the largest educational groups in the country has a proposal for you: The best education


With fourty two institutions in twenty eight cities on twelve states and over a hundred and fourty thousand students, Ser Educacional Group is one of the largest in its segment in Brazil. It all started in 1993 with the founding of the Bureau Juridico, a course that focused on preparing students for Civil Service exams. Then, the Group took another important step: It founded Maurício de Nassau College. An institution dedicated to educating qualified professionals ready to face the challenges of the marketplace.

A college that grows contributing to the spread of knowledge in the north/northeast


Present in all of the states in the North and Northeast regions, Maurício de Nassau College offers a complete structure. There are modern multidisciplinary laboratories that meet the specific needs of each area, libraries with thousands of titles and a very experienced faculty. In addition to the professional success of each student, the Institution is also concerned with citizenship. Thus, more than just qualified professionals, we graduate citizens.



The International Student who chooses to come to Brazil to study will have three housing options: Hostel, rent a furnished apartment, family homes.


UNINASSAU for our exchange students is home away from home and time for leisure to interact with brazilians as they adjust to our country and culture, is what they love the most.



Endereço: Rua Guilherme Pinto, 114 - Graças | Rua Fernandes Vieira, 110 - Boa Vista